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Expansion Joints will be used in many cases of operation in the field of High Current Technology.

Expansion Joints will be installed where extensions, vibrations or switching impacts have to be absorbed. Flexible Connections are installed in Bus bar Systems with very long aligning guides or as connections between the transformer to the delta closure.

CONNEX manufactured and supplied

  • all kind of high flexible connections made of copper braids or copper ropes
  • in press welded performance made of copper sheets with fixed connection ends made of foil packages
  • all kind of flexible connections made of copper foils and the fixed connection parts are cross welded to the lamination packages
  • riveted flexible connections made of copper foil packages with a riveted cover foil

We also produce Expansion Joints made of aluminium foil packages with fixed connection parts which will be cross welded to the foil packages.
The connection ends of the Expansion Joints will be made according to the customer requirements.
For the dimensioning of the Expansion Joints you can benefit from our long years of experience.

CONNEX can also produce Expansion Joints with special design e.g. with explosion bonded connection lugs or with connection lugs in precious metal.

For your needs please contact us – we would be pleased to give our advise and to find the individual solution for your requirements.