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High Current Cables

Another main product of the CONNEX GMBH production program are High Current Cables. We are producing all kind of Air- and Water Cooled Cables.

Air Cooled Cables will be manufactured with copper ropes made of special stranded copper wires and the contact bushes at the ends will be pressed on. In case that a insulation is necessary than the cable will be equipped with a perforated hose. This will lead to a heat dissipation.

Water Cooled Cables will be manufactured also with copper ropes made of special stranded copper wires. We can equip the cables with different connection lugs according to your requirements.

In our cable manufacture program are included:

  • single and multiple conductor cables
  • semiconductor cables with inside spiral
  • cables equipped with special screw pipe connections
  • cables equipped with swivel devices

The connection lugs are provided with cooling water drilling holes and the dimension of these cooling water drilling holes are suitable for the different cross sections of the cables.
The connection lugs will be furnished with drilling holes for the fastening of the cables in accordance to the customer demands.

CONNEX cables are equipped with outer hoses which do have a standard-compliant heat protection = protection against radiant heat and liquid metal.

CONNEX offers also the the repair of cables. After receipt of your used cable we are preparing an estimate of costs and mentioning the costs for a new cable so that the customer can make his decision.